Psychic Predictions - The Gender Of Your New Baby.

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Gender Predictions For Your New Baby.

Many psychics are able to make predictions about the gender of your new baby. But will they be right? You'll never know for sure. You might ask your friends and relatives what they think. Some will say it's a girl and some will say it's a boy. I suppose you could add up the votes and make a prediction based on how the majority voted. That's one way to do it, but what does it accomplish? You still won't know for sure.

What's the alternative? Get an ultra sound or just wait until the baby is born. It's only nine months. The ultra sound is attractive because you can start making plans before the baby is born. You might want to decorate the baby's room, buy clothes, etc. but if these are not too important to you why worry about it? Most parents are more concerned about having a healthy baby rather than gender.

You can spend money on psychics if you want, but I believe you're far better off with an ultra sound. As far as I know they're very safe. You can 'see' your baby and it's a wonderful experience to actually see your baby before he or she is born.

God Bless You
Reverend Bill


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