Dreams About Being Chased.

Dreams and nightmares about:

  • Being chased
  • Pursued
  • Hunted

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There's a lot of nonsense everywhere on the meaning of dreams. Most of the stuff is theoretical and has no practical basis. The truth about dreams is that they deal with something that's going on in your life right now. That's your first and biggest clue.

Dreams are almost always figurative or a metaphor for your life. Your unconscious mind creates images and movies that appear to have absolutely no meaning in the real world, but they do.

If you have a tramatic, frightening dream for example, look for a similar situation that's going on in your life, perhaps in the last day or two. Then look for a relationship or match.

If all the pieces fit, you know you interpreted your dream correctly. If there's not a perfect match, chances are you're on the wrong track. Keep on analyzing your dream until you're sure you absolutely everything makes sense.

This is especially true with nightmares or bad dreams. Your unconscious mind is using dreams to communicate it's fears with you. If you ignore your dreams one of two things will happen.

  • You'll get more and more nightmares
  • OR your unconscious mind will give up on trying to help you

Almost always, your unconscious mind will never give up. It will continue to give you the same dream or a series of different nightmares that all mean the same thing. When start to pay attention and hear what you're being told these usually stop.

This is especially true about dreams of being chased, hunted, or pursued. Most of the time people don't enjoy dreams like this. If you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night with a bad dream about being chased, do everything you can to interpret this dream ASAP.

Dream Interpretation.

Dreams of being chased are usually about you running away from something. You're afraid of being caught. Someone's getting the best of you and you can't control it or don't know how to handle these situations. Who is making your life difficult right now? Are you that person? Or is it someone else?

Sometimes we put so many demands upon ourselves that we're running away from the life we've made for ourselves. Sometimes we just need to slow down.

Other times we may actually have people in our life who are chasing us. Does anyone frighten you right now?

Ten people could have almost the same dream but the meaning of every dream will be different. You're not trying to interpret your dream. You're trying to interpret what's going on in your life right now and what to do about it.

That's why you need to find a match between the fictional (or real) characters, objects, and things in your dream, with your real life.

When I say look at your life 'right now', I mean in the last 48 hours.

The Chaser.

Who's chasing you? Is it a person? An animal? A thing? A spacecraft? What is it? If a person is chasing you, do you know them?

If someone you knew 30 years ago is pursuing you, ask yourself these questions.

  • Why am I running away from this person?
  • How did I feel about this person in real life?
  • What am I dealing with right now that reminds me of them?

If the chaser is an animal, what does the animal remind you of? Are you afraid of this animal? Who in your life right now reminds you of this animal. Is it someone you know? Is it you?

It's possible to be the chaser and the person being chased at the same time. Everything is possible in dreams, because your creative right brain has no boundaries when it comes to imagination.

e.g. it could be that you put so many demands on yourself that you can't get away from the stress in your life. Perhaps you feel overwelmed with all your responsibilities and don't feel you can escape. Maybe you need a vacation but you feel it's impossible at the moment because work is finding you no matter where you try to hide.

This is the way you should be thinking when it comes to interpreting a dream of being chased. Try not to focus on the obvious. Look for hidden meanings.

The possibilities are endless but when you understand what your dream is telling you, it will be very obvious. The match between your dream and real life will be crystal clear.

Dream Interpretation Techniques.

Relax, Nightmares like this are usually very easy to interpret because they're so vivid. What's been going on in the last 24-48 hours. Is there anything almost as frightening figuratively or literally? Did you watch a frightening movie or TV show?

Let's say you've looked at every posibility and still don't know what your dream means. What can you do?

Ask this question like a broken record all day long and especially just before you go to sleep. 'Why is it so easy to interpret that dream about ...?' This question will trick your mind into going to work to give you the answer. Don't try to figure it out. Just ask the question. Eventually you'll get the answer without any conscious thought.

If you don't get the answer right away, your unconscious mind will look for other ways to explain what it wants to say.

In frightening dreams of being chased, it usually means your mind is desperately trying to get your attention. OR it could mean you ate too much meatloaf before going to sleep last night.

Seriously. If you've spent hours analyzing your dream and still don't know what it means, look for physical reasons for having bad dreams. Did you eat too much before going to sleep? Are you taking drugs that are giving you unwanted side effects? Have you had an injury? How is your health?

Dreams About Being Chased.

  • Write down your dream in detail
  • Describe in detail what each piece of the dream means to you
  • Put all the pieces together and match them to what's going on in your life

If these three things don't work, try some of the other techniques on this page. Reading some of my other articles on dreams may give you additional tools you can apply to your unique situation.

God Bless You
Reverend Bill

Continued, ....


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