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Can you get free readings online? Yes and no. Free readings are teaser readings that gives the psychic an opportunity to sell you a paid reading. Three minutes or even ten minutes is not enough time.

Free readings are free trial readings. Free readings allow you to get comfortable with your psychic and determine whether you would like to buy more time with them or not. When your free reading ends, online psychics charge by the minute.

Remember that cheap doesn't always mean good! Read the profiles of psychics first. Do you feel comfortable with them? Then look at the rates they charge. If their per minute rate is high it could mean that they're better than psychics who are cheap.

Let's say for example that one psychic charges $4. per minute and another one charges only $1. It could be that the more expensive psychic is better, more accurate, and can give you far more information in less time.

If you decide on a free psychic using your intuition, rather than your left brain, you're more likely to get a talented psychic. If you like what they say, pay them for more minutes. If you're not comfortable with the answers you're getting, try someone else. Use your free time with a psychic to quickly evaluate their abilities.

Everyone will tell you they are the best. Common sense tells us that not everyone has acheived greatness. Some are just story tellers, leaving you to decide what the reading means. That's much like having a crazy dream and wondering how it applies in your life.

Not all psychics are equal. Just like in any profession, only 10 to 20 percent at the most truly excel at what they do.

God Bless you,
Reverend Bill

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