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Friday March 27, 2015. 9:38 AM

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Can you get free readings online. Sure you can. Have your questions ready so you know exactly what to ask. Remember these are free trials. When your free trial ends, online psychics charge by the minute.

The good news is there's a lot of competition between companies that employ psychics and between psychics themselves, so you'll always find good deals.

Remember that cheap doesn't always mean good. Read the profiles of psychics first. Do you feel comfortable with them? Then look at the rates they charge. If their per minute rate is high it could mean that they're better than psychics who are cheap.

Let's say for example that one psychic charges $4. per minute and another one charges only $1. It could be that the more expensive psychic is better, more accurate, and can give you far more information in less time. Some psychics are very fast. The answers are given to without much thought. This is what you want.

If a psychic is thinking what to say, they're wasting your time and they're using their left brain. Rapid answers means your psychic is channelling spirit without thought. That's where true psychic abilities come from.

The best thing you can do is click the link below and try a psychic for free. Pick a male or female psychic based on what they say in their profile. Don't think too much. Best decisions are made when you trust in spirit and decide without thought.

If you decide on a free psychic using your intuition, rather than your left brain, you're more likely to get a talented psychic. If you like what they say, pay them for a few more minutes. If you're not comfortable with the answers you're getting, try someone else immediately! Use your free time with a psychic to quickly evaluate their abilities.

A good psychic is worth every penny. Always try a psychic for free first. You might pick a good psychic right away. But if you don't, try other free psychics until you find someone who can give you answers fast.

A large selection of male & female psychics are available to serve you now, - 24/7. Read their profiles, qualifications, and reviews. Get your questions answered now.

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